What is left out of the voting-eligible population?

The voting-eligible population is not a true estimate for

    • I do not correct for the number of persons found mentally incapacitated by a court of law since there is no reliable estimate. My guess from examination of National Health Statistics reports is that this population is somewhere around 250,000.

    • I do not correct for the number of unregisted and registered voters who - depending on states law - have recently moved. (Note, if this situation pertains to you, please check with your local election officials as many states have provisions that permit recent movers to vote.)

    • I do not correct for the number of permanently disfranchised felons, and I may not accurately estimate all classes of disfranchised individuals guilty of crimes .

    • I do not correct for the census net undercount of the population, since no reliable state-level estimates are available at this time.