2020 Presidential Nomination Contest Turnout Rates

VEP Total Ballots Counted turnout rate is the Total Ballots Counted divided by the voting-eligible population or VEP. In instances where the two political parties did not simultaneously hold their nomination contests, the first instance reflects turnout of the first party to hold their contest and the second instance reflects the total turnout of the two parties' contests combined, and the reported turnout rate is for this sum of the two contests.

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2020 Primary Elections


Contest dates and types are drawn from The Green Papers and the Frontloading Blog. The Colorado Republican Party voted to select uncommitted delegates to the Republican national convention. The first step in their process will be to select delegates to their district meetings in a March 1 caucus.

The denominator data reflect the July 1, 2014 and July 1, 2015 voting-age population estimates extrapolated to first of the month of the nomination contest. Non-citizen estimates from the 2014 American Community Survey, the year-end 2014 DOJ prison report and the year-end 2014 DOJ probation and parole report. The number of felons who are on probation is estimated to be 56% of the total, which based on a DOJ survey; the total probation population is reported in the spreadsheet, and this adjustment is applied to the number of ineligible felons on probation, parole or in prison. Starting in 2010, the citizen prison population is reported. A '0' indicates that either a state does not disfranchise a class of felons or the state does not incarcerate felons within their borders (this is true for DC). See The Sentencing Project for more information.