2010 November General Election Early Voting

Last updated: Nov. 2, 2010

Early Voting Statistics

Some numbers provided courtesy of the Associated Press Election Research Group or election officials. Can't say enough thanks to election officials for their assistance in the midst of an election.

2010 Early Vote

* Notes: State Level 2006 Percent Early from the Associated Press, Election Research and Quality Control. County Level 2006 Percent Early from the U.S. Election Assistance Commission's 2006 Election Day Survey. State Level 2008 Early Voting Statistics are compiled here. As soon as possible, I will add 2008 county level statistics from the 2008 Election Day Survey. Please bear with me as this is a lot of data to crunch!

A special note about Minnesota: Provided numbers are rounded.

A special note about Nevada: Nevada publicly reports statistics for in-person early voters only, which does not include mail ballots. The statewide numbers include mail ballots for Clark and Washoe counties provided by the Associated Press. The AP is not providing a breakdown of mail ballots by county, so mail ballots are not included in the county statistics. Clark and Washoe counties sometimes report information in a more timely manner than the state. In some instances, I may update the state totals with counts from these counties.

A special note about Ohio: Statewide statistics are inclusive of the Ohio counties reported here. These statewide statistics are provided by the Associated Press, and I have no county breakdowns. Ohio provides statistics for "party." This is not party registration, rather, it is the record of the last party primary a voter participated in. I therefore choose not to report these statistics as they are not as meaningful as party registration statistics reported by states with party registration.