2000 and 2004 Presidential Nomination Contest Turnout Rates

Last updated: 10/08/2008

VEP Total Ballots Counted turnout rate is the Total Ballots Counted divided by the voting-eligible population or VEP. Turnout rates are calculated for all parties' contests combined, where I have data, regardless if the parties held nomination contests on the same date.

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2000 and 2004 Primary Elections


VEP and VAP estimates are of the first of the month for a given election date.

(a) Source: Personal communication with Kristin Scuderi, Communications Director, The Iowa Republican Party (1-23-04). The Iowa Republican Party did not tabulate participation in uncontested caucuses, though caucuses were held in every precinct. Attendance was reported for four counties: Black Hawk 540; Dubuque 347; Linn 1,350; and Polk 1,300; for a total of 3,537. Republican caucus attendance averaged 9.1% of Democratic attendance in these counties. Applying this percentage statewide, an estimated 11,160 Republicans attended caucuses. This is likely an over-estimate since the reporting counties held events where well-known Republican officials spoke.

(b) Michigan Democrats selected delegates at a March 11, 2000 caucus where 18,791 people voted.