2008 November General Election Early Voting

Last updated: Nov. 4, 2008

Early Voting Statistics

Some numbers provided courtesy of the Associated Press Election Research Group or election officials. Can't say enough thanks to election officials for their assistance in the midst of an election.

^as of 10/23 I am adding absentee ballots returned to the Florida number provided to me by a Florida Political Action Committee. Citizens like myself can access the early voting reports, but not the absentee ballot reports. Previous reports were for in-person early voting only. The numbers here are for individual reports made by Florida counties to the state Elections Division. I have been told under Florida law the counties must provide the counts for the previous day by noon of the current day. I will try to keep these numbers current, but this will be difficult since the reporting is varied and these reports must be individually downloaded.

#Clark County and Washoe County may report more current early voting numbers on their county website than the state website. I report the most current numbers separately and add in these numbers to the state total.

*Ohio provides a field for "party" on their absentee reports. Understand that this is not party registration, per ce, rather it is an indicator if a person voted in a party primary and took a party loyalty oath. For this reason, I am not reporting party statistics for Ohio.